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Learn How To Use The Power of Story to Build Unstoppable Brand & Culture

Instantly access 6-Short leadership communication videos based on 20-years of experience crafting 1,000's of stories and training over 10,000 leaders and teams. 

YOUR story + captivating video = AUTHORITY & BRAND

Why Best Story
Always Wins!

How to Create Your
Unifying Brand Story

Craft Customer Stories that Convert

Founder & Mission Stories that Inspire

Build Out Your Strategic Brand & Culture Plan

Why Best Story
Always Wins!

How Great Leaders & Brands Communicate

How to Create Your
Unifying Brand Story

Craft Customer Stories that Convert

Founder & Mission Stories that Inspire

Build Your Strategic Brand & Culture Plan

Six Powerful
Strategies For

Unstoppable Branding

Unify your brand story & train your people to powerfully communicate your story.

Business Growth

Reach & convert more customers with strategic story campaigns.

High-Performance Culture

Align and engage your people in a common cause, story & mission.

Impact Stories

The power of story syncing and connecting you and your team is invaluable. It helped us have a breakout year receiving national awards and making the Inc 500 fastest growing companies.
Frank Spencer
President, Aztec Contractors
Lead Your Story helped me dream big, then supported me to Live It and make it real. Now I'm accomplishing more as a confident leader, and my team is performing at an all-time high.
Paula Powell
Director, The City of El Paso
I improved as a leader, and so did my managers. As a result, we grew! We led all franchises in sales growth and had the lowest turnover rate in the nation.
Jay Kilmartin
Owner, The Melting Pot
  • Clarify your brand message, highlight your unique value, and stand out in a crowd
  • ​Connect your brand story and create an emotional connection with your market
  • Communicate with power with the right content and communication strategy
  • Receive a brand review and a customized and actionable brand marketing plan 
  • ​Get answers at your Livestream workshop and do story "right" with live coaching and feedback
  • Get a private one-on-one follow-up session and 3-months of risk free time to execute and get results!

Hasani X

The Chief of Story

My name is X. I’m the founder of Lead Your Story. And what we've learned in generating $100 Million in value for clients, crafting 1,000’s of stories, and training over 10,000 leaders and team members is this…

Best Story Wins!

It’s not who has the best people, the best service, or the best product! The winners in the market are the companies and leaders who communicate the best stories. And here’s why this is good news for leaders like us.

Leaders like us aim to be good at what we do. We take pride in serving and delivering great products and services to our customers.

This means we have an untapped opportunity if we learn how to marry powerful communication with our quality services and products. With this one-two punch, our brand and culture are unstoppable.

So no more being the best-kept secret. No more losing market share to companies with inferior offerings, but better branding and marketing. It’s your time to Lead Your Story and lead your company by building an unstoppable brand and high-performance culture.


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